- What are the main areas to focus on in order to improve your purchasing abilities?
- What activities should you prioritize and how should you do it?
- What is the strategy to become “best in class in purchasing”?

At Symbal Chase we are experts in purchasing we know how to increase efficiency and control leading to measureable savings. During many years we at Symbal Chase have developed deep skills and knowledge in many purchasing areas and based on this knowledge we have developed a model that we call “The puzzle to become Best in Class in Purchasing”. The puzzle consists of 19 pieces and shows the key areas a purchasing organization, small or large, should focus on and continuously improve in order to become best in class!

In the coming articles from Symbal Chase we will give you a brief insight of each piece in the puzzle. You will learn the basic activities needed in each step on your road to become best in class in purchasing!

For further infomration please don’t hesitate to contact us!