- How much of your total cost could you save if you found a successful business partner in Asia?
- Have you looked into sourcing products from Asia and have some concerns about quality and reliability?

Successful sourcing in Asia
“Being successful in sourcing products from Asia is not an exact science” says Linkai Zhang, partner and managing director at ChaseXL Ltd. in Shanghai. “It is more about building good relationship and knowing where to find the different warning signals”

Many companies have thought about sourcing from China but sometimes both time and competence are limited. Some companies have tried but failed. Communication issues have been highlighted as one of the most challenging parts.

Linkai Zhang is responsible for ChaseXL’s Shanghai office and most of the projects ChaseXL Ltd. is involved in is with a Swedish customer who needs help in Asia. Typically ChaseXL’s representatives in Sweden works locally with the customer who wants to source new products in Asia. Then the ChaseXL team finds potential suppliers and makes a prequalification of those companies. Together with the customer we then decide a short list which companies to do a more detailed assessment of.

“Very often the customer also want to visit the potential supplier, then I prepare the meetings and host the trip so everything goes smooth” says Linkai. Another strengths is that Linkai fully understands what is said in the meeting, no matter if it is in Mandarin, English or Swedish. “This is very helpful for the communication and solves many potential issues”.

ChaseXL can also help to perform an on-site assessment of the supplier. During 2-3 days the company is reviewed in detailed and potential risks as well as strengths are audited. “This gives a very clear picture of the company you want to do business with as well as knowing your suppliers potential risk areas they need to improve” says Linkai who also is the lead auditor at ChaseXL.

The final negotiation process is sometimes driven by the customer or outsourced to ChaseXL, in both cases ChaseXL can provide legal as well as commercial support to optimize the final agreement.

Many projects stops here but some customers are still afraid of importing material from Asia to Sweden. In those cases ChaseXL can assist you as a distributor and be fully responsible for the supply chain and provide you with your wanted products at your wanted destination in Sweden.