How did ChaseXL help Bong?
Support for startup of sourcing/pocurement department in Bong Retail Solutions.

a. Strategic work

b. Assessment – Data collection, Analysis, sourcing strategy

c. The puzzle to become “Best in class”

d. Control of spend and value add analysis

e. Implemented sourcing and procurement processes

What was good about our service?

ChaseXL work in a very professional way, and you want to be close to us in the whole process, and I get the feeling that the implementation, is very important for you. My experience is that ChaseXL want their words and slides to become reality together with you. ChaseXL work on a high strategic level and they are very strong in moving from the strategic level down to the tactical level and help with the short and long term plan for the different levels.

We needed the assistant to find suppliers in Asia and there you have people in your organization which is from China and speak the language and know the culture and business terms for Asia, and these people has the strength that they have also lived in Europe for several years and understand the business and culture from the European side, which is a big advantage. This helped us a lot in upstart process.

I like that there is also room for an open discussion, on all levels and you want that the whole organization understand why these changes are interesting for the company.