Supply chain design and operations management for E.ON



ChaseXL helped E.ON to set up a new supply chain for their 100Koll energy efficiency solution. The work included sourcing of new suppliers, on site assessments, development and negotiation of purchase agreement and daily management of the supply chain.

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Potential Value at Haldex


The Objective
To calculate what potential value there is to unlock at a client’s purchasing activities

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New Strategy


The objective
To develop aligned, agreed and clear sourcing strategies for different categories in order to optimize the supplier base for a significant business growth and coming negotiation

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Indirect Material


The Objective
To build up a sourcing organization to get the indirect spend under management to add top line value and bottom line savings

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Health Check at Nolato


The Objective
ChaseXL was asked to perform an assessment of the client’s existing purchasing organization in order to find key strengths and weaknesses and develop a roadmap for how to improve.

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Various Purchases at Different Customers


The Objective
We have helped several clients with purchases in different categories when our clients have had a need for a category expert or an extra resource.

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The Objective
To support the client with a purchasing expert during agreed timeframe to drive strategic as well as tactical purchasing activities

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ChaseXL has helped Flatfrog with various consulting work from Sweden and China.More detailed information about the project can not be disclosed.



How did ChaseXL help Doro?
ChaseXL helped Doro to identify new potential suppliers in Asia who could meet Doro’s requirements to launch a new product on time, with the right specifications and to decreased cost.

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På vilket sätt hjälpte ChaseXL er?
Genom inköpsprojektet fick Eribel ett ökat fokus på sin inköpsorganisation och inköpsprocessen. Inköpsorganisationen har ökat sin kompetens och tar ett större ansvar än tidigare – man har helt enkelt fått mycket högre självförtroende! Andra interna funktioner har fått ökad respekt för och arbetar mycket bättre tillsammans med inköp. Trots att vi redan före projektet aktivt arbetat med inköp ledde projektet till större besparingar en förväntat. Där finns alltid möjlighet att göra förbättringar och en extern partner ser saker på ett annorlunda sätt än vad vi själva gör.

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