The Professions

Our offer

ChaseXL ensures lasting improvements through projects and consultants within different areas:

Organisational Wellness

    • Implementation of improvement projects to achieve business targets
    • Increased productivity, motivation and wellbeing
    • Less sick leave, a happier organization and customers that provides increased brand value.

Cost efficiency

    • Cost saving projects within indirect and direct costs
    • Efficiency savings within processes and methods
    • Optimized production processes, increased output and decreased costs

Supply Chain Management

    • Increased purchasing abilities
    • Find and qualify the right supplier
    • Supply Chain optimizations to increase flexibility or decrease tied up capital

Business intelligence

    • Which trends exist within new products and technologies?
    • How do your competitors design their products and to what cost?
    • Mapping of suppliers and partners within different areas

Project management

    • Project management within business development
    • Project management within supply chain management
    • Project management within requirements management

Change management

    • Implementation of lasting change
    • Map and analyse needs, behaviours and change drivers
    • Make the change happen in daily life